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Steps to get upright Contact Lens Maintenance

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For many, contact Lenses are among the best inventions of this century offering crisp, clear vision without needing to put up with glasses. But one of the downfalls of the terrific innovation is contact lens maintenance. While a great deal of people skips this important step, you need to know that not caring for your contact lenses properly may cause a plethora of eye infections and in some rare cases even blindness. But there’s no excuse for not caring for your lenses correctly as it has never been easier to take care of them. Now, you can go through your entire maintenance routine using only 1 kind of solution so that caring for your lenses is faster and cheaper than even just a couple of years back.

Below are five common Steps one should take to be able to give appropriate contact lens maintenance. This will make certain your lenses are clean and sterilized before you put them on your eyes and will reduce the likelihood of disease and eye injury. You should ask your eye care practitioner concerning the suitable care for your individual contact lenses.

  • Wash your hands. While this might look like common sense, it is important to remember that until you put in or remove your contact lenses you need to wash your hands so that they are free of dirt, debris and germs. When you do that step, however, avoid using a moisturizing soap because this is not great for contacts. After washing, use a lint free towel to dry your hands.
  • Remove of your contact lens and wash it as recommended on the bottle of solution that you use in accordance with your eye care practitioner’s recommendation. Cleaning per the directions is important because this will eliminate the protein residue in addition to other debris that build up on your lenses and can lead to discomfort in addition to impair how that you see through them. Some options will have you rubbing the lens and others will only have you rinsing it.
  • Rinse the lens per instructions. This is important because this will wash off the loosened debris.
  • Make sure your Contact lens holder is clean and fill 1 side with your soaking in disinfecting solution in place the lens in the situation. Disinfecting your lenses to the suggested amount of time is important because this will kill the germs which could be growing on the lens and can help you avoid infection.contact lens
  • Repeat for the other lens.

In addition to these Steps, your physician may suggest an enzymatic cleaner which removes proteins develop. This typically is not required for disposable lenses, but if you have lenses that you wear for a year or longer the protein buildup can make them uneasy in impair your vision.

Proper contact lens Maintenance is part of wearing contact lenses, if you do not feel that you can maintain them correctly then you may try disposable ones that do not require any maintenance or return to wearing eyeglasses and click super-cons.com. You only have two eyes, and to lose his sight in one since you did not care for your contact lenses would be a shame so think twice before skipping those essential actions.